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Bavaria Holland Premium Lager

Tonight is a boozy evening in with Bavaria Premium Lager. Firstly I’d like to say a well pronounced “Fuck”. I quite enjoy Bavaria pilsner, so when I saw what I assumed was a redesigned can on sale for 50p each … Continue reading

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Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas

Today we are joined by Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas. Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas is a pre-mixed margarita drink in a 700ml bottle costing £3.97. The drink is only 10%, but then again Cactus Jack is known for making pretty pissy … Continue reading

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James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum

Today we have fun by drinking rum! Another rum today, this time in the form of James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum. James Cook is a 40% dark rum available from Lidl for £10.99, making it quite cheap for a … Continue reading

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Lord Calvert Canadian

Today we have a special guest review by our good friend Jelf Boho in America. You may know Mr Boho from Mixed Drink Suggestion Hour on YouTube. Or Maybe not. When Jelf isn’t pounding down glasses of cheesy bourbon he … Continue reading

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Reloaded Original

Today we’ve got one of those shitty vodka and energy drink cans: Reloaded Original. Reloaded is a “Premixed alcoholic drink with vodka, caffeine, taurine & ginseng”, i.e. a cheap vodka and Red Bull. It comes in 3 flavours; original, orange … Continue reading

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Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum

Today we liberate ourselves with a nice big glass of Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum. First of all I’d like to say that I’m not hitting alt+e every time I need to type “Liberté” so I am not going to … Continue reading

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Asda Smart Price Lager

Join us today as we attempt to get drunk on Asda Smart Price Lager. Unfortunately these bastards only come in packs of 4 and as I really don’t want to drink these, this review will mostly consist of me complaining … Continue reading

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La Comida White Wine

Today we are joined by La Comida White Wine. La Comida is a white wine which seems to be exclusive to Asda. It comes in a carton containing 250ml of 11% wine for £1.50, and when I say “carton” I … Continue reading

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Pre-Mixed Can Special

Today we’re shaking things up with a special pre-mixed drink special! Here at the Booze Review office we decided to take a break from our usual adventure to Lidl and explore the treasures of low budget specialists Asda. While frolicking … Continue reading

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Corrida Tequila Silver

Bust out the salt and limes, because today we’re drinking tequila! My American friend is visiting his family who don’t live in Mexico, so he went to get Mexican food and drink tequila. Upon telling me this I suddenly remembered: … Continue reading

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