Dundalgan Irish Whiskey

Where else to start off than with a personal favourite?

Dundalgan Irish Whikey is found at Lidl for £13.65 ($22 for you dollar using assholes.) At this price it’s more expensive than other whiskeys available in the shop (Bushmills is £12.99) but it is definitely more enjoyable than other cheap whiskeys. Dundalgan truly offers a far less complex, yet completely unique taste in the world of low budget whiskey.

The breakfast of champions.

I by no means consider myself a whiskey expert, but this is definitely a swallowable drink. Dundalgan manages to have almost no flavour whatsoever. After a mouthful of this whiskey, rather than gagging or wretching  like one would with some horrible cheap drinks, Dundalgan offers only a feeling of complete indifference. I’m not sure that this should even be called “Whiskey”, but I’m not complaining.

Dundalgan’s label proudly boasts that it is “Aged in wood”. This is something I would not question. Dundalgan has clearly been aged in MDF, chipboard or possibly some other kind of plastic barrel coated with a wooden veneer. There’s also a high probability that it was spilled over a dusty table before finding its way back into the bottle.

This is by no means a poor whiskey, it is purely unique. Dungalgan features a completely unheard of blend of plastic/lager tones, yet is nothing to turn down. For an experienced drinker Dundalgan may taste like cardboard prechewed by a tramp, but for a somebody looking for a quick, unflavourable drunk, Dundalgan is a fantastic choice.

Dundalgan works as both a sipping whiskey (if you don’t sip your whiskey for the taste) or as something to get shitfaced on if you’re mixing it with coke. As a cheap drunk this is definitely much higher rated than Jameson or Bushmills. Truly the word to define this whiskey is “indifferent”.

Booze Review rating: 6/10 deliciouses

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  1. Nick says:

    Great reviews m8, I can hardly stop pissing myself!

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