Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum

Today we liberate ourselves with a nice big glass of Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum.

First of all I’d like to say that I’m not hitting alt+e every time I need to type “Liberté” so I am not going to be using it for the rest of this review. Secondly, I drank most of the bottle and then remembered I was meant to review it, so this review will be based on one glass of the stuff.

Made in Germany, imported from France.

Made in Germany, imported from France.

Liberte White Rum is another of Lidl’s spirits at the slightly lower 37.5% costing £9.99 per bottle. The front label kind of contradicts itself. On the left it says “IDEAL FOR LONG DRINKS AND COCKTAILS” making me think of pina coladas or mojitos, but on the right it says “POUR INTO A LONG GLASS WITH COLA & LEMON OR LIME” leading me to believe this may not the the sophisticated drink I was led to believe. The back label gives Lidl’s usual disastrous recipe ideas, featuring a Cuba Libre requiring lemon juice which is never used in the guide, and a Daiquiri which uses lemon juice rather than lime. I’m beginning to think these drink recipes are written by some guy called Bob who works at the bottling factory. Bob is by no means a smart man, but he’s the only person in the entire factory who drinks and so everybody flocks to him for guidance. Never having drank anything other than pitchers of lager, Bob tries desperately to remember what he’s seen barmen pouring into cocktails at bars. As nobody else in the factory drinks, they have no reason to doubt Bob’s cocktail guides and print them on the bottle without question.

Being a rum, Liberte is slightly more pleasant smelling than cheap vodka with a sweeter aroma. It has a smell which resembles Drumstick Lollies blended with Toilet Duck. If you do buy this drink I recommend not sniffing it more than two or three times as it begins to burn your trachea. As for the taste, Liberte is pretty good. At just under £10 I was expecting this to taste much more like a cheap chemical tasting vodka but it really is quite a drinkable drink. Being a light booze, Liberte can go down fast and is highly suited for those nights where the only purpose is getting drunk. Add Liberte into a few heavily poured cocktails and you’ll be drunk before you know it.

Liberte is a pretty good tasting white rum at a very low price. I’ll definitely be picking up more of this as it a great cheap spirit and also works well for making more tasteful drinks. I’m going to look into leaving this to steep inside a coconut for a while and making some coconut rum, but that’s for another time.

Booze Review rating: 8/10 deliciouses

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14 Responses to Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum

  1. Bart says:

    While I’m not a big fan of white rums (definitely a golden/dark rum man) I have to say this one goes down really well. I really appreciate the fact it costs less than 10 quid and with a bit of lime, brown sugar and ice it became something rather delicious. Perfect solution for my slightly blurry Thursday nights.

  2. Miguel Perez says:


    As Puerto Rican- American, drinking Bacardi all my life, I must say that i was impressed with this Rum. I love the fact that is smooth and didn’t give me a hangover after drinking whole bottle 🙂 My girlfriend and I love it.



    • Aud says:

      I to am a bacardi drinker all my drinking life but when my favourite drink gets too expensive i try shops own brands tho never as tasty as the real thing they do till pay day….

  3. Danny says:

    This same rum can be bought at the German Lidl for 5.50 Euro´s. I live in Holland near the German border and the prices of spirits in Germany are like half of what you pay in Holland. A regular bottle of Bacardi costs like 13.50 euro´s in Holland so a trip to the German Lidl saves a lot of cash.

  4. Enrique Danilo says:

    Lo descubrí en un supermercado Lidl ( Zaragoza, España ), y me quedé gratamente sorprendido, buen sabor, y se pueden hacer diferentes combinados muy estupendos, por mi parte, yo lo tomo solo, con tres cubitos de hielo, alguna vez le agrego unas gotas de limón.. de todas maneras está estupendo, luego tiene la ventaja de ser barato, no llega a 5 euros, y lo mejor, es que no produce resaca… Lo suelo recomendar a los amigos, y me suelen hacer caso, Antes tomaba Ron Flor de Caña, el preferido de los Nicaragüenses, pero, por calidad y precio, me cambié al Ron Liberté. Un saludo.

  5. Jakub says:

    I from Czech Republic and this white rum Liberté in Lidl I buy 119kč=4,3euro:-)

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  7. mm says:

    I really like your reviews.
    I have tried this rum along with the one produced by Wray and Nephew, which is the genuine article.
    The Wray and Nephew is probably 3 times the price so you would expect it to better, but do try both if you get a chance.
    The Lidl version is not as sweet or flavoursome as the Wray and Nephew in my opinion.

  8. Luca says:

    Having gotten a bottle of this (in Italy) for €5,39 I must say I’m impressed.

    The first taste of rum I’ve had at something like 15 years, and I’ve been very convinced rum sucked ever since.
    This rum though tasted quite good.
    It was probably largely due to the fact that I later discovered the first rum I tasted was some 30% unknown rum made for cooking stuff.

    Def worth it.

  9. Sally says:

    I have come to a conclusion that this rum makes my poo green! No I am serious, i have tested it a couple times now.

  10. Inga says:

    I bought this rum at our local LIDL store in Southern Germany. I never ever regetted having done so!
    This is a very smooth & tasty white rum.
    I use this rum as an ingredient for my quince and elderflower liqueur .
    Simply the best, my friends all love it!
    And the price is sensational for this quality.
    Just try it, you’ll love it!

  11. darren says:

    This rum is great the only thing that i that happened after drinkin this rum was that something crawled out of my bum apart from that really nice

  12. darren says:

    I agree with sally it was also green and started to swim about in the toilet bowl no word of a lie

  13. Luke says:

    I bought it in Lidl in Italy for €5,50 expecting it to taste like crap. I was pleasantly surprised, because it actually doesn’t taste like anything at all. Just a small hint of vanilla (you can barely taste it at all). Fits very well in cocktails and mixes due to the tastelessness. Would definitely buy again next time I travel to Lidl outside of my country (state ownes the alcohol here, can’t be sold in normal stores. Damn you Swedish government!)

    And no, I have not had green floaty poop as some people were saying here. What’s wrong with you people?

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