Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas

Today we are joined by Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas.

Cactus Jack’s Classic Margaritas is a pre-mixed margarita drink in a 700ml bottle costing £3.97. The drink is only 10%, but then again Cactus Jack is known for making pretty pissy schnapps. It’s more expensive than a cheap wine of higher strength although for a cocktail it is quite modestly priced.

Serve with fresh lime

Serve with fresh lime

I’m not sure why it is called “Margaritas” rather than the singular “Margarita”. Perhaps this is a way of suggesting that the bottle contains more than one serving and shouldn’t all be consumed in one sitting, but as I’m already halfway through the bottle it’s far too late for that. The back label states “Our Margarita Cocktail blend perfectly balances the citrus zest of Lime and Triple Sec with the rounded flavours of Tequila”. This immediately sets off the bullshit alarm as the word “rounded” is not a something I would use to describe tequila. Maybe “spiteful” or “begrudging”, but definitely not “rounded”.

Upon opening the bottle I was pleasantly greeted with a boozy aroma of tequila and citrus. I wasn’t expecting much alcohol so this was a welcoming surprise. There’s nothing overpowering but it’s definitely noticable. Cactus Jack’s is quite a cheap tasting drink. There is a strong taste of lime and tequila, but not much else. It seems like something which could be roughly recreated with tequila and grapefruit juice. This margarita mix doesn’t taste bad, it is just really bland to drink. I was expecting something a lot more “exciting” but as the bottle ended I was glad to see it gone.

Cactus Jack’s Classic Margarita is something you might want to pick up if you’re looking for something different and don’t want to get too drunk, but otherwise you’re best sticking with a cheap wine, otherwise go for a higher quality margarita. Definitely swallowable but not a drink I would rush out to buy again.

Booze Review raiting: 5/10 deliciouses

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