Bavaria Holland Premium Lager

Tonight is a boozy evening in with Bavaria Premium Lager.

Firstly I’d like to say a well pronounced “Fuck”. I quite enjoy Bavaria pilsner, so when I saw what I assumed was a redesigned can on sale for 50p each I was quick to grab several of them. It was only before I started writing this review that I realised that they are in fact Bavaria’s younger brother, the measly 2.8% lager. Looks like this is going to be another Asda Smart Price Lager chugging adventure again!

Refreshing but boozeless

Refreshing but boozeless

As stated above, Bavaria Premium Lager is a 2.8% beer in a 440ml can costing 50p. These cans are usually 79p which is a great price for the pilsner, but unfortunately this is the lager. To be fair, the mix up is completely my fault as I saw a can that looks nothing like the pilsner can and thought “Fuck yeah! Pilsner!” and although they’re cheap, I was looking forward to drinking them and I’m still quite bitter about the whole thing.

Despite being named “Bavaria”, Bavaria is a Dutch beer. I’m sure there’s some completely logical reason behind this, but I don’t care enough to research it. The can doesn’t give a lot of information other than stating the beer is “Brewed with pure mineral water from our own spring”. From the name I would assume it complies with German booze standards, although it doesn’t mention anything on the can.

Bavaria Premium Lager smells slightly of salted popcorn. This is the second booze I’ve reviewed that smells like popcorn, and several others have smelled of public toilet so I’m starting to think that my sense of smell could be fucked. There is also the standard lager smell but the popcorn smell is definitely more notable. After the godawful 2% Asda lager, I was expecting Bavaria’s 2.8% offering to be complete pisswater but it really isn’t too bad. Bavaria is quite a watery beer but it doesn’t have an unpleasant taste. In fact, it resembles the higher quality Bavaria Pilsner which has been watered down to have a lower alcohol content. This beer tastes better than other mainstream lagers of higher strength, but the 2.8% ABV means it isn’t suitable as a session beer. Bavaria Premium Lager is certainly a great choice if you want a drinkable lager and don’t care about getting drunk. If you were driving and stopped at a pub for lunch, this would be a great beer to choose if you want a pint without being over the booze limit (if that’s legal).

Overall Bavaria Holland Premium Lager is a decent tasting beer, however the low booze content is disappointing. Even at 50p per can I wouldn’t have bought this if I had realised it was only 2.8% which is a shame as I was looking forward to stocking up on these. Being quite a watery beer means it might be appealing to some, but boozehounds will want to avoid it. Bavaria scores high for its price:taste ratio, but loses out because of low alcohol content.

Booze Review rating: 3/10 deliciouses

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5 Responses to Bavaria Holland Premium Lager

  1. Sam Greybeard says:

    This is the beer that,s left over at the end of the party along with john Smiths and Tesco Stripey Lager 2.2%. And for a good reason its absolute piss. Driving beer I call it.

  2. Bill Bailey says:

    Think you’re giving it a bad rap mate to be honest, it is a nice tasting beer even if it is low alcohol. Mind you, I drink it because of that – not being completely leathered after a few pints has it’s benefits! Plus for the price you can’t complain!

  3. Biere D'Or says:

    The above poster is an imbecile

  4. Steve L says:

    Love the blog. Bavaria Pilsner brought me to this site. I’d never heard of it until I was browsing down the beer aisle at Asda. On a budget after Christmas like many others I was looking for some bargains and spotted the Bavaria Pilsner 500ml bottles for 80p each. I bought 2 to do a taste test thinking £1.60 is an absolute steel- I was really pleased when I tasted the stuff, after it had been chilling in the fridge. A definite future purchase is in order. As far as taste, this is stronger beer with a light crisp taste. It went down well, a nice surprise for the price.

  5. Oliva'r Read says:

    Just brought Bavaria Premium in Tesco’s at 88p x 500ml x 5% vol……..fantastic lager…….either that or i’m easily pleased?

    After buying and drinking it for the first time I thought i’d stumbled onto a winner which is why I googled to see if any other bloggers had written anything?……I would reiterate what “steveL” say’s…….give it a go, you might be surprised……(have informed wife to pick up bottles of this at every trip to Tesco’s to build up supply)

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