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Cactus Jack’s Kool Kola Schnapps

These reviews are making it look like I drink a lot of Cactus Jack’s, when in reality I don’t really like it at all and I don’t think I’ve even bought it before Booze Review started. Well today we have … Continue reading

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Wild Irish Rose

Today’s review comes in the form of another guest review, once again by our good friend Jelf Boho. Mr Boho has taken the time out of his busy schedule to write about something we don’t see here very often: a … Continue reading

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Nobelaner Premium Lager

Nobelaner Premium Lager is Lidl’s take on the tiny crappy beers that most supermarkets sell. This beer is only available in packs of 10 250ml bottles at 4.8% for £3.99. This makes it a lot more expensive than the likes … Continue reading

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Kulov Imperial Vodka

Today we’re joined by Kulov Imperial Vodka. Kulov Imperial Vodka is a 37.5% vodka available in a 200ml bottle for £4.19. You can buy Kulov in a normal sized bottle but I was being cheap when I bought it. I … Continue reading

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Drinks That Aren’t Drinks: Shite Russian

Welcome to Booze Review’s first episode of Drinks That Aren’t Drinks, where we make new and exciting cocktails out of things in the cupboard. Today’s drink is one I dub “The Shite Russian”, a bastard child of the White Russian. … Continue reading

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Cactus Jack’s Blackcurrent Schnapps

Oh lawdy, I gots me some purple drank! Today’s review is a bottle of Cactus Jack’s Blackcurrant Schnapps. This drink is 15% in a 200ml bottle costing £2.89. You can get it in a 500ml bottle, usually with 50% extra … Continue reading

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Glen’s White Rum

Prepare for another rum fuelled adventure with Glen’s White Rum. Today’s booze of choice is Glen’s White Rum, a 37.5% spirit costing £11.59. Glen’s have been on Booze Review before with their well known bottom shelf vodka, but this is … Continue reading

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