Wild Irish Rose

Today’s review comes in the form of another guest review, once again by our good friend Jelf Boho. Mr Boho has taken the time out of his busy schedule to write about something we don’t see here very often: a 1 gallon jug of bum wine. Jelf later informed us that he has no memory of writing the following review.

Wild Irish Rose

Wld Irish Rose, for those nights when 4.5 litres of regular strength wine isn't enough.

Wld Irish Rose, for those nights when 4.5 litres of regular strength wine isn’t enough.

I was worried because the place i used to get wild irish rose from stopped carrying it. That isn’t to say that this is something i drink frequently, but i do enjoy it on occasion. When I do get it, it’ appears in a 0.75L bottle, but to my dismay, the usual store no longer carried it. I was forced to explore the larger booze shop nearby. Just as I was ready to despair, i spotted the bottom shelf a gallon of Wild Irish Rose! It was priced below any reasonable level, as if the company itself intended any customer would murder themselves by the very cheapness alone.

Clocking in at 17% abv and $3.99/gallon, this is truly king of kings for cheap drinking. The label proclaims “100% grape wine with citrus spirits”. I can believe that. It tastes exactly like grape juice+orange vodka. This drink is so refreshing and reasonably priced, I would call it wino juice with no ill intent. This drink tastes like it was made by winos, for winos. I used to drink it when I was doing part time summer work and living with my father. I found it to go perfectly with my special recipe of kraft macaroni and cheese, which included frozen peas,  a can of tuna, chopped pickles and hot sauce.. Possibly the greatest cheap summer meal of all time.

The scent of this drink is like if you added hard alcohol to juice. You can smell the sweetness but also the undying harshness. That subtracts a point from the overall rating. A second point is subtracted because this drink is actually TOO sweet. It is difficult to chug sweet juice, and it is difficult to chug Wild Irish Rose. The final result is that this is still excellent though.

Jelf Boho’s rating: 8/10 deliciouses

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