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Smirnoff Vodka & Cranberry Juice Drink

This was an unexpected edition of Booze Review. Once again in SuperValu, I noticed a lonesome can in their reduced booze bin. This tiny can of Smirnoff Vodka & Cranberry was severely dented, but as the liquid inside probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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Vallée D’or Chardalusco

I was in the booze shop when I noticed something in the wine section which I hadn’t seen before. A 1.8 litre bottle of white wine. Upon closer inspection I then saw that this wine was only 7.5%. I can’t … Continue reading

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Dragon Soop Sour Apple

The second part of the Dragon Soop trilogy is Sour Apple. The Sour Apple flavour is the same as the Herbal Fusion drink, costing £2.99 for a 500ml can of 8% drink, however this time it’s a lovely green colour. … Continue reading

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Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey

Today we have a bottle of Western Gold Straight Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Sour Mash. Western Gold is a bourbon made for Lidl. This bourbon is 40% and costs £12.19, so it’s quite low priced, although this is probably reflected … Continue reading

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Stowells Chenin Blanc

Stowells Chenin Blanc is a boxed wine purchased from SuperValu’s booze bin. Normally costing £20.39, this 3 litre box of 12.5% white wine cost only £10. As of today the wine is 3 months past the expiration date, but I’m … Continue reading

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Dragon Soop Herbal Fusion

Dragon Soop is an energy drink with vodka. After the last one I reviewed, I didn’t think I would buy any more of them, however this one is 8%, which is a surprisingly high alcohol level here, so I felt … Continue reading

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Olde English Medium Dry Cider

Did I ever mention that I hate cider? Because I really fucking hate cider. As cheap as it is, I can never bring myself to drink it. It smells unsafe and tastes like apple juice where something has gone horribly … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff

Today we make a long overdue journey back to Lidl to sample their fine Vodka Rachmaninoff. Vodka Rachmaninoff comes in two varities: 37.5% for £9.99 and 40% for £10.99. I decided to spend the extra £1 and reclaim the missing … Continue reading

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Stowells Colombard Chardonnay

I was looking for booze in SuperValu when I noticed they had their weird metal cage of reduced price offerings. For those who don’t know, this wonderful little basket only appears at random times and contains heavily discounted alcohol (usually … Continue reading

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