Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5%

Today we review Rachmaninoff’s shittier little brother, the 37.5% vodka. The bottle is the same as the 40% version, but everything is red instead of blue. This bottle costs £9.99 rather than £10.99. I decided to do the math and the 37.5% vodka costs 42p per unit, while the 40% vodka costs 39p per unit, so if you’re only planning to get drunk then the 40% vodka is the way to go. I always thought Rachmaninoff was a vodka made for Lidl, but dik man kindly pointed out in the previous review that Rachmaninoff is available in the USA, so I guess Lidl is the only place that sells it here.

2.5% extra less!

2.5% extra less!

Rachmaninoff is once again quite a foul smelling drink. I can’t remember exactly what the 40% vodka smells like, but I think they’re pretty similar. This smells like isopropyl mixed with lots of sugar, which strangely isn’t something I picked up in the other kind. I expected this to taste exactly the same as the other Rachmaninoff but thankfully it’s a lot more neutral. I’d say Rachmaninoff doesn’t really have much of a taste at all, which is a great thing for a vodka, especially a cheap vodka which is most likely going to be mixed with something. Rachmaninoff does start to develop a burn after the first few drinks, but it is easily washed away by another sip of vodka. I only ever buy vodka to add alcohol to a non-alcoholic drink, so this is pretty fantastic.

Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5% is much easier to drink than the 40% version, so if you’re drinking it straight I would reccommend the weaker version for the taste, however if you’re mixing it then there’s really no reason not to spend the extra 99p for a full strength spirit. The 37.5% vodka is almost definitely the 40% vodka with added water, but the taste is much less shitty.

Booze Review rating: 8/10 deliciouses

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