Drinks That Aren’t Drinks: Mason Reese

On a recent trip to Lidl I noticed a strange carton. It was labeled “Banana Nectar” which I assumed was German for “Banana juice”. I didn’t know you could extract juice from a banana, but nonetheless I picked up a carton as I was sure it would make some delicious and exciting cocktails. It was only when I got home that I realised that I had never heard of banana juice before and therefore had no idea what a delicious banana juice cocktail would consist of. I eventually decided that you can’t really go wrong adding vodka to something, and so I have been trying various drink recipes such as “Banana juice and vodka” and “Vodka and banana juice” which turned out to be massively tasty. I haven’t had a straight banana juice yet, but mixed with vodka it tastes like a delicious banana yogurt/milkshake. I had considered reviewing this wonderful new drink, but after several vodkas, Mr Jelf Boho convinced me that it would be a good idea to mix the last of my Canadian Club with the last of my Banana Nectar. I enjoy both of these drinks so why wouldn’t they be great combined?

Fruitfully delicious!

Fruitfully delicious!

The first thing I noticed is that whiskey and banana juice doesn’t mix very well. After adding the whiskey it just sat as an individual layer on top of the banana juice, but after a brisk stir, this was soon fixed. Excitedly, I sat down with my wonderful new creation. I looked at it and noticed the two drinks had separated, so I gave it a quick stir before inhaling the wonderful new aroma of what I had just created.

I was greeted by the stench of tropical vomit. Somehow these two wonderful drinks had congealed and created a horrible new beverage. Undeterred by this, I gave it another quick stir before indulging in my first sip of this wonderful new concoction. This drink is certainly interesting. It has a unique blend of tastes which are quite hard to describe. At first there is a pleasant banana flavour, but this soon gives way to a slightly smoky flavour which then begins to taste like Jameson as it develops. Soon these flavours all combine and give a pleasant banana drink with subtle whiskey overtones. This isn’t a drink I would make often, but it’s definitely a flavoursome oddity to enjoy every once in a while.

After careful thought and consideration, I have decided to name this drink after one of my childhood heroes: Mason Reese. This is a man who looks like he includes banana juice with all his alcoholic drinks, and so I bestow upon him the honor of this beautiful new drink.

Booze Review rating: 8/10 deliciouses

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