Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Blast

Once again our good friend and shite drinks expert Mr Jelf Boho joins us for another edition of Booze Review. Today he reviews a wine cooler, or as some of you may know it: poof juice.

Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Blast

Well, where to start. I guess the look. I’ve seen other Smirnoff Ice and it was cloudy, but this one isn’t so that’s different I guess.

Doesn’t really have much of a smell.

Something fishy is going on here ahahahahahah

Something fishy is going on here ahahahahahaha

WOW. It tastes exactly like raspberry candy or sweet tarts or something. Lightly carbonated. Goes down easily. This drink is as inoffensive as candy. Nothing really to complain about. I guess it’s perfect for people who cant stand the taste of normal booze. I only bothered drinking this after I’d finished two big cans of Fosters.

If a man drinks this too much he’ll catch gay. The only reason it gets a 7 is because it’s like rating a tasty soda, not a true booze. Even though the ABV is 4.5%

I think the fact that I have nothing else to say about this drink should say more than any paragraph of text can.

Jelf Boho’s rating: 7/10 deliciouses

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