Argus Full Light Premium Beer

I was casually strolling through Lidl when I noticed a new addition to their booze aisle. Argus Premium Lager is a 5% booze costing 99p for a 500ml can. At first I wasn’t really interested in trying it, but after seeing the words “EXCELLENT TASTE” on the label, I could resist picking up a can. It was difficult to find a can which wasn’t dented, but after several hours I was able to find one.



The first thing you’ll notice about the beer is that its name closely resembles that of the major catalog retailer, Argos. The can also gives the idea that it will taste like something they brewed. The side of the can is covered by a sticker containing English versions of the ingredients and warning not to get shitfaced if you’re pregnant. The top of the can has the word “BEER” printed in 8 different languages, only one of which is English On closer inspection, this seems to be a Polish beer, but I’m still expecting it to be awful despite the label’s promise of excellence.

Argus is kind of dark for a lager, but it looks pretty good. It doesn’t form much head, but at this point I’m fairly certain it’s because of these shitty plastic cups I bought from Poundland. The beer smells pretty neutral, which is a good thing as I was expecting some pissy aroma. Tastewise, Argus is quite tasteless with soapy aftertones, leading to a bathwatery finish. It actually isn’t too bad and I’d rank it quite highly amongst cheap, watery lagers. It seems quite light too, so I can see Argus being a good choice if you’re planning to drink lager all day. I still wouldn’t describe the taste as “excellent” so they might want to change it to say “ACCEPTABLE TASTE”.

Despite the shitty name, Argus is a pretty decent lager. It’s kind of expensive, but Argus seems like a great choice for Summer drinking and I’ll probably throw a few cans in the fridge when it gets hotter. I’d probably prefer to drink Argus over Grafenwalder, but unfortunately neither of them are as alcoholic as Vodka.

Booze Review rating: 6/10 deliciouses

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