Parrot Bay Frozen Citrus Daiquiri

While in the booze shop recently, I noticed new pouches of booze by a company named “Parrot Bay”. The pouches contain premixed cocktails which you freeze, smash up a bit while it’s still in the bag and then either pour into a glass or drink straight out of the metal pouch like an adult Capri-Sun. While they looked interesting and I have been wanting to try a Daiquiri for a while now, I decided that at a price of £2.75 for a 250ml drink with only 4.7% alcohol content, it was far too expensive. However, while in the same booze station today, the pouches were reduced to £2, so I decided to take the hit and got a Citrus Daiquiri.

Stupid unopenable pouch

Stupid unopenable pouch

The drinks come in a pouch which resembles a Capri-Sun but without the straw. The packaging says you can drink it from the pouch, but it’s impossible to open without a knife or scissors, so if you’re somewhere you can actually open it, there’s probably a good chance that there’s some kind of drinking receptacle nearby. I was hoping to drink my Daiquiri out of a cocktail glass like in the movies, but I had none. After some internal debate over whether or not a wine glass is a suitable replacement, I found a glass which slightly resembles a massively over-sized cocktail glass with no stem. To prepare the drink, you put it in the freezer for 8 hours and then squeeze it or run hot water over the pouch while it is closed to break up the ice inside. Then you drink it. I didn’t have the patience for such a thing and instead I only put mine in the freezer for about 2 hours, which was long enough to freeze it pretty well.

It doesn't really look like a booze, but it is.

It doesn’t really look like a booze, but it is.

When I opened the pouch I expected it to be of a much more liquid consistency, but it was an icy slush. I dumped the contents of the pouch into a glass and it sat there like a boozy snowball. At first it seemed kind of weird, but I soon realised it was like an alcoholic Slush Puppie, and that made everything seem OK. The Citrus Daiquiri is a pale white colour like cloudy lemonade. There was a slight citrus smell from it, but you wouldn’t notice any smell at all unless you were told it was citrusy. On my first taste I was pretty impressed by how it tasted. It’s tastes pretty much like a Slush Puppie mixed with a slight hint of Fanta Lemon topped off with a nice boozy kick. It’s extremely refreshing and would be massively delicious on a hot summer day.

Overall, Parrot Bay Frozen Citrus Daiquiri is a pretty delicious drink, however it’s also expensive and takes a while to prepare. If they were cheaper I would buy more and see how it tastes when not frozen. At first they seem like a drink you could drink all night, but by the end of the pouch I began to see how you could get sick of them after drinking a few. As a delicious booze snack on a hot day, these are pretty awesome, but they’re in no way a session drink. Lots of points for deliciouseness, but loses one because of the price.

Booze Review rating: 9/10 deliciouses

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7 Responses to Parrot Bay Frozen Citrus Daiquiri

  1. Hazel says:

    I have recently discovered these drinks too. Wowi love them I think the price is ok as I got a frozen Daiquiri in a pub and it cost €7 so €2 was great for me I love the berry daiquiri can’t wait to try the other flavours! Yum yum

  2. Hazel says:

    Oh by the way the packet is really easy to open just rip the top by the little handle. Oh and I’m 43 years of age so their not just suited to teeny boppers!

  3. nick says:

    I used to really enjoy Tony’s Freezer Cocktails years ago, so it’s good to see something similar available again. I’ll have to track some down!

  4. Becky says:

    We found these on holiday in Crete and thought they were fantastic on a hot evening. Really liked the Mojito. Cost 2.5eu each. However the night we had 2 we were kept awake all night with the preservatives !

  5. PETE says:

    What a complete waste of money. Easy to open, lacks a descent amount of alcohol. sweet tasting slush puppy. I WONT bother buying any more, if I fancy a Daiquiri I’ll make it from the ingredients. I’ll score it “-10”.

  6. Chetan says:

    I had pina colada and it’s taste beautiful . I love it

  7. Paul says:

    Tried these tonight but from promotional videos to the final product sucks. I frooze these for 7 to 8 hours and when I served myself one all I got was sluggish ice which was minor and the syrup which was 90%. Cost £1.48 in asda but won’t bother again

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