Queen Margot Blended Scotch Whisky

Having drank pretty much everything else in Lidl, I finally decided to go for something I’ve been avoiding: the scotch. Scotch isn’t something you really want to cheap out on, but I decided to sample their cheapest anyway. Queen Margot is a 40% blended scotch whisky costing £11.99. It’s kind of expensive for something which is probably shit, but it will be drank anyway, so it’s a win-win situation.

Something about maggots or faggots.

If they added hops it would be hopscotch.

The bottle doesn’t look like complete shit which is quite promising. Some quick poking around on Wikipedia shows that Queen Margot was a woman who was forced to Marry Henry IV of France, and was also imprisoned by her brother for 18 years. I hope this trend continues and we’ll soon be able to taste the zesty flavours of Nelson Mandella vodka. Annoyingly there isn’t anything to poke fun at on the bottle. The best thing I can come up with is that “Margot” is kind of similar to “Faggot” but even that is a bit of a stretch.

Queen Margot smells like some kind of rum with a notable caramel and fudge aroma. It actually smells like some kind of fudge sundae. Tastewise, it’s pretty bland. It’s not bad, just kind of boring. There’s a slightly woody, caramel taste but that’s about it. Disappointed by the lack of flavour, I decided to add some water. This definitely released more flavour but unfortunately not in the way I wanted. If you want to recreate this at home, simply spray some perfume on a lollypop stick and chew on it. A few mouthfuls later, the weirdness begins to subside but there’s still a lingering taste of perfume. After this failed attempt to rescue Queen Margot, I decided to go all in and drowned the fucker in coke. Mixed with coke, it’s actually pretty decent. It’s not as harsh as other cheap scotch mixed with coke which I’m quite happy with.

Queen Margot is an alright whisky, but you’re either going to have to drink it straight or drown it in mixer. None of that fancy jug of water bullshit. At £11.99 there’s cheaper ways to get drunk, but if you really want scotch then it’s acceptable.

Booze Review rating: 5/10 deliciouses

For the first time in the history of Booze Review I have decided to change the previous rating. Drinking this scotch straight is not so enjoyable, but I have found myself returning to this drink and mixed with coke it is indeed quite fantastic. As a result, I’m upgrading the queen to an 8.

Updated Booze Review Rating: 8/10 deliciouses

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24 Responses to Queen Margot Blended Scotch Whisky

  1. dizi says:

    I’ve drunk the 8 years old scotch from Lidl (green bottle) and I found it “pretty enjoyable” (i.e. much better than cheap vodka). I havn’t drunk this one but from what I’ve read, the 8 years is much better. (Recently they’ve also started selling a 5 years old scotch – I have no information about that one.)

    By the way: I really like your reviews, keep them coming!

  2. Richard Green says:

    Hi there

    I have in my possession a bottle of Queen Margot which has a ‘Espana’ paper tag over the bottle top. Distilled in Scotland but bottled where??? I have photos of it but can’t see where to post these. Can you help? Is it just bottled for the European market or have I got a limited edition. Just like to find out more before I open it lol. The bottle is short and fat rather than the regular Queen Margot shape.


    Richard Green

  3. Booze Review says:

    I don’t know anything about pricing old booze, but a paper sticker over the cap doesn’t mean it’s necessarily rare or valuable. The sticker possibly has a bottling date on it. I also don’t think Queen Margot is a high enough quality scotch to hold any kind of value.

    You can upload the pictures to imgur.com if you want.

  4. Malcolm says:

    Could you write your next review in correct English please (drink-drank-drunk) and without the gratuitous profanities? Or would that render it bland and boring?

  5. Cheap drink with cheap coke…say to head by by

  6. ben says:

    I love your reviews, reviewer, keep going :)))

  7. John Graves says:

    I have just got 3 bottles of Queen Margot for €6.99 sterling £5.60 I’m not about to complain just drink it, and I won’t be mixing it with coke ugh. Will comment when I have tried it. Got it in Spain !

  8. andy says:

    Refreshingly honest review written without any of that flowery ‘..hints of burnt cinnamon with a finish of burnished hickory’ crap seen on so many of the other drinks review sites. The splash of profanity adds the perfect finishing note!

  9. JEFF says:

    I keep reading how wonderful the 8 year old Queen Margot is. Its an award winner ! I’d love to try it but can someone please tell me which Lidl stocks it. I live in Manchester U.K. and have tried several Lidl stores over many months. I have asked the staff and store managers and I just get blank expressions. I even emailed Lidl ” contact us ” but they” couldn’t help with individual products” and suggested I tried” instore” ( been there , done that).
    Should I just forget about it ? I hate the standard Queen Margot Ugh ! But thought the 8 yr. old may be from another planet.
    p.s. I actually like Aldi’s Highland Black 8 yr old straight or on the rocks ( i’m not a mixer fan)

    • neil says:

      Well…if you ever happen to be on the Isle of Wight chances are you will find it in one of the lidls over here. I got a bottle today for £13. And it is a very smooth drink. I wish I had a bottle of the standard one to compare but I think I found that pretty vile and never touched it since.

    • Jeff says:

      Folks, at last I managed to purchase a bottle of the 8 yr. old Queen Margot.I am nearing the end of the bottle sadly but I enjoyed it as much as far more expensive drams. In fact I love it, however, it took me so long to find a bottle that I am not for sharing and certainly wouldn’t use it as a mixer. A drizzle of mineral water thats all. I would rate it as highly as Bailie Nicol Jarvie, which is by my standards high praise. Now remember I hated the standard Queen Margot, and confess its the only whisky that I really disliked. So here’s to the 8 yr old. CHEERS Lidl ! p.s. I will try the 5 yr. old if I can’t find any more 8 yr olds.

  10. James hope says:

    I wonder if you upgraded your score before or after you found out this whiskey won an IWSC gold medal? Your otherwise scathing review doesn’t really sit with the general view. It reads like you made up your mind on the price alone. Just saying.

  11. Johnny W. says:

    I bought a bottle of this during my summer vacation in Belgium last year, and I’m definitely not enjoying it as much as the Lidl Western Gold Bourbon that I also picked up that vacation. I’ll try to drink it with Coke, because at this point I fail to see why I would finish it at all. Straight it is totally nasty.

    I’m sort of new to Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon, but this one just stands out as bad. And my standard is not that high.

  12. jay says:


    beautiful taste…i am very picky when it comes to whisky…no doubt this whisky won so many medals..very nice taste..similar to expensive whisky..pls buy it and enjoy.

  13. Jeff says:

    Folks , remember the Lidl Queen Margot comes as a non age stated, a 5 yr. old, and an 8 yr. old. In my opinion there is no comparison between the vile tasting, rough non age stated, and the wonderful smooth 8 yr. old.
    5 yr. old not tried yet. Cheers !

  14. goblin dragon says:

    I find it a bit strange that you need to poke fun at scotch whisky, most of us are too busy poking the missus to bother about a silly old empty bottle. I just bought a bottle o margot and the first gulp as astonishing; a strong note of ink prior to the aftermeth of old oak pencils is what I got. Next a cunk of rock in it and then ginger beer. Drinking the rest straight. Like it . Am gog smacked at your review, p,ease don’t stop reviewing!

  15. Dan says:

    I agree that as a mixing scotch, this is perfectly acceptable. I like JD & coke. Most whiskeys do not agree with diet coke. More specifically, this is by far the best value for money scotch and DIET COKE option if you try to cut down on sugar.

    For a good quality budget Scotch which is enjoyable straight or with water / on ice, I really like Aldi’s Highland Black 8 Yr

    Prices in London:
    Lidl Queen Margot: 10.49 (you can find Queen Margot on holidays in many EU countries for a third less)
    Aldi 8Yr: 12.99

  16. c.c says:

    Love the way you have written had a really good giggle. Thank you…away to check out your other reviews ?

  17. joe dancy says:

    Haven’t tried queen Margot as yet! Heard she doesn’t suffer fools? I’m stuffed then! Lol..tried the highland black and not sure? Am going to leave it to breathe for a while..am liking the reviews..the odd expletive is very welcome! Here in Hastings if you don’t swear a lot it’s considered strange..hahaha am currently drinking bulleit bourbon…with a little soda water..its 45% very very nice…quick review? It tastes like happiness! Keep up the good work sir…☺

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