2017 Hyperupdate: Booze Review is now Boozism.co.uk

Greetings fellow boozebags!

It’s been quite a while since the last review. Several years in fact. This is partially because I moved away from my beloved Lidl which made it slightly harder to stumble upon strange drinks. To be honest, it’s mostly due to laziness. I’m now living near a B&M Bargains which sells alcohol so hopefully there will be more silliness to come.

Recently there was some issues with the domain. It expired and then was taken over by a rather stubborn SEO company who wanted me to pay a fuckton of money to get it back. Joke’s on them, as they paid money for a domain associated purely with promoting alcoholism and vile tasting drinks, so best of luck trying to flip that for a profit! As a result, I’ve moved to a new domain: boozism.co.uk! Things should be exactly the same as before, but I’m sure I’ve fucked something up along the way so please let me know of any clusterfuckery you find.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of posting semi-regular reviews. Maybe I’ll even install a new theme for the site and act like I spent days painstakingly creating it myself. Anything can happen when you’re polishing off a bottle of Tesco’s own brand rum at 1:30am on a weekday.

Leave a shout in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed and I’ll see what I can do. Nothing too fancy because I’m still a cheap bastard.

Hugs and kebabs,
Randy Hambast

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2 Responses to 2017 Hyperupdate: Booze Review is now Boozism.co.uk

  1. Anonymous says:

    here is the question .
    why is a 3 litre bottle of Frosty jacks ( rated at 22.5 units alcohol) , so VERY much stronger than a large bottle of vodka ( similar unit rating ).. ??
    .. do they put something in the F.J or is the Vodka not as strong as it should be ?
    I would be interested to here any theories out there ..

  2. Moarbeers says:

    100% british website 10/10

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