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3 Hammers strong cider

Due to recent financial difficulties, Booze Review has been forced to cut down on booze spending. Rather than sobering up, food money has been stricken entirely from the budget and alcohol costs have been cut slightly. Due to this, we … Continue reading

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Duc De Coeyr Cidre De Normandie

Wow! Another yummy, yummy cider! Awesome! I had recently been having a (now fairly regular) discussion with a cider drinking friend about how all cider is shite, when instead of the usual response of “Fuck off! It’s cheap!” I was … Continue reading

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Olde English Medium Dry Cider

Did I ever mention that I hate cider? Because I really fucking hate cider. As cheap as it is, I can never bring myself to drink it. It smells unsafe and tastes like apple juice where something has gone horribly … Continue reading

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