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Original Krupnik Vodka

It’s reaching the end of what’s been a shite year, and there’s a fair chance the last month is only going to get shiteier. Is that even a word? Shiteyer? Shattier? Surely “shat” is the past tense of “shit” and … Continue reading

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Rolov Mild Imperial Spirit

Today I noticed something I had never seen before. Behind the counter, hiding beside the vodkas on the bottom shelf, I saw an uninteresting bottle labeled “Mild Imperial Spirit”. This obviously interested me, so I purchased a bottle for £9.99. … Continue reading

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Svenzka Vodka

Today’s booze is Svenzka Vodka. I had originally wanted to buy a bottle of Boru Vodka on sale at £12 but unfortunately there was none left, so after considering a bottle of Smirnoff for £11.99, I noticed a bottle of … Continue reading

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Vladivar Vodka

Vladivar Vodka is a drink which always seems to be on sale. I can’t think of a time when I’ve bought it and it hasn’t been reduced in price. I guess it’s like the DFS sales where you would feel … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5%

Today we review Rachmaninoff’s shittier little brother, the 37.5% vodka. The bottle is the same as the 40% version, but everything is red instead of blue. This bottle costs £9.99 rather than £10.99. I decided to do the math and … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff

Today we make a long overdue journey back to Lidl to sample their fine Vodka Rachmaninoff. Vodka Rachmaninoff comes in two varities: 37.5% for £9.99 and 40% for £10.99. I decided to spend the extra £1 and reclaim the missing … Continue reading

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Kulov Imperial Vodka

Today we’re joined by Kulov Imperial Vodka. Kulov Imperial Vodka is a 37.5% vodka available in a 200ml bottle for £4.19. You can buy Kulov in a normal sized bottle but I was being cheap when I bought it. I … Continue reading

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Glen’s Vodka

Today we’ll be reviewing the ever delightful Glen’s Vodka. Glen’s Vodka is well known for being about as bottom shelf as you can get without buying Sainsbury’s Basics or Tesco Value vodka. At 37.5% for £10.69, Glen’s really does set … Continue reading

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