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Queen Margot Blended Scotch Whisky

Having drank pretty much everything else in Lidl, I finally decided to go for something I’ve been avoiding: the scotch. Scotch isn’t something you really want to cheap out on, but I decided to sample their cheapest anyway. Queen Margot … Continue reading

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Duc De Coeyr Cidre De Normandie

Wow! Another yummy, yummy cider! Awesome! I had recently been having a (now fairly regular) discussion with a cider drinking friend about how all cider is shite, when instead of the usual response of “Fuck off! It’s cheap!” I was … Continue reading

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Hampstead London Dry Gin

On yet another journey to the ever wonderful Lidl, I came across a new gin they had in stock. I was unsure what to think as the bottle looks fairly mid/high teir, but only cost £8.99 which is an incredible … Continue reading

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Argus Full Light Premium Beer

I was casually strolling through Lidl when I noticed a new addition to their booze aisle. Argus Premium Lager is a 5% booze costing 99p for a 500ml can. At first I wasn’t really interested in trying it, but after … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5%

Today we review Rachmaninoff’s shittier little brother, the 37.5% vodka. The bottle is the same as the 40% version, but everything is red instead of blue. This bottle costs £9.99 rather than £10.99. I decided to do the math and … Continue reading

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Western Gold Bourbon Whiskey

Today we have a bottle of Western Gold Straight Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Sour Mash. Western Gold is a bourbon made for Lidl. This bourbon is 40% and costs £12.19, so it’s quite low priced, although this is probably reflected … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff

Today we make a long overdue journey back to Lidl to sample their fine Vodka Rachmaninoff. Vodka Rachmaninoff comes in two varities: 37.5% for £9.99 and 40% for £10.99. I decided to spend the extra £1 and reclaim the missing … Continue reading

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Nobelaner Premium Lager

Nobelaner Premium Lager is Lidl’s take on the tiny crappy beers that most supermarkets sell. This beer is only available in packs of 10 250ml bottles at 4.8% for £3.99. This makes it a lot more expensive than the likes … Continue reading

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James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum

Today we have fun by drinking rum! Another rum today, this time in the form of James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum. James Cook is a 40% dark rum available from Lidl for £10.99, making it quite cheap for a … Continue reading

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Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum

Today we liberate ourselves with a nice big glass of Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum. First of all I’d like to say that I’m not hitting alt+e every time I need to type “Liberté” so I am not going to … Continue reading

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