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Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum

Today we liberate ourselves with a nice big glass of Ron Blanco Liberté White Rum. First of all I’d like to say that I’m not hitting alt+e every time I need to type “Liberté” so I am not going to … Continue reading

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Asda Smart Price Lager

Join us today as we attempt to get drunk on Asda Smart Price Lager. Unfortunately these bastards only come in packs of 4 and as I really don’t want to drink these, this review will mostly consist of me complaining … Continue reading

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La Comida White Wine

Today we are joined by La Comida White Wine. La Comida is a white wine which seems to be exclusive to Asda. It comes in a carton containing 250ml of 11% wine for £1.50, and when I say “carton” I … Continue reading

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Corrida Tequila Silver

Bust out the salt and limes, because today we’re drinking tequila! My American friend is visiting his family who don’t live in Mexico, so he went to get Mexican food and drink tequila. Upon telling me this I suddenly remembered: … Continue reading

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Grafenwalder Hefe Weissbier

Hold on to your wallets because today we’re breaking out the expensive stuff: Grafenwalder Hefe Weissbier. Grafenwalder Hefe Weissbier is a 5% wheat beer which will set you back a whopping 99p per 500ml can. At this price, consumption of … Continue reading

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Castelgy Club Dry Gin

Today we’ll be delving deep into the wonderful world of sub-£10 spirits with Castelgy Club Dry Gin. Castelgy is a 37.5% gin available at Lidl for £9.79. The label mentions the word “Gin” at least 8 times, and it is … Continue reading

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Well here’s a review I haven’t been looking forward to: Excelsior. Excelsior is another of Lidl’s own brewed beers. This beer is a measly 3.9%, but it only costs 59p for a 500ml can, so it’s not a worthwhile complaint. … Continue reading

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Grafenwalder Pils

Next up we have some tasty, tasty beer in the form of Grafenwalder. Grafenwalder is a German beer company exclusive to Lidl. There are several different styles of beer but I’ve only ever seen two of them at my local … Continue reading

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Dundalgan Irish Whiskey

Where else to start off than with a personal favourite? Dundalgan Irish Whikey is found at Lidl for £13.65 ($22 for you dollar using assholes.) At this price it’s more expensive than other whiskeys available in the shop (Bushmills is … Continue reading

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