La Comida White Wine

Today we are joined by La Comida White Wine.

La Comida: The future of upper class public drinking

La Comida: The future of upper class public drinking

La Comida is a white wine which seems to be exclusive to Asda. It comes in a carton containing 250ml of 11% wine for £1.50, and when I say “carton” I mean it. La Comida completely redefines the meaning of “boxed wine” with their Tetra Pak. It’s something a child could easily mistake for a carton of fruit juice and guzzle down when you’re drunk and not paying attention to what they’re doing. It even has a piece of foil covering the opening which can easily be used for a straw. This also has the hidden advantage of public drinking. Cover the picture of the wine glass with your hand and nobody is ever going to expect you’re drinking a carton of wine with a straw. Remember: They wont find it unless they’re looking for it.

Rather than the usual poetic bullshit printed on a bottle of wine, La Comida embraces its low budget appeal by stating “Perfect to enjoy with everyday meals like pizza, pasta and other light dishes”. La Comida clearly know their market, as nobody buys a box of wine to enjoy alongside pan-seared scallops with a side of Sicilian truffles, they buy it to get drunk without spending money. This is a wine for people who eat Doritos sandwiches.

La Comida looks like a standard white wine. There isn’t much to say about it. There isn’t much smell from it other than a slight honey and lemon tinge but there isn’t anything overly noticeable which is always a good thing with cheap drinks. The wine doesn’t taste great but as a cheap wine it is definitely drinkable. La Comida is quite a fruity white wine, although it isn’t overpowering. I much prefer dry white wines but I would have no problems drinking this. This truly is a wine where you can taste the packaging.

La Comida White Wine is a cheap wine but it is above average compared to other cheap wines. £1.50 for 250ml may seem expensive but it works out at £4.50 for a bottle, which is similar to what I would have to pay at a non-supermarket off-license. The packaging is ridiculous, but being inexpensive, portable, inconspicuous and environmentally friendly I can’t help but admire this wine.

Booze Review rating: 7/10 deliciouses

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  1. jan foster says:

    I was given a bottle of this as a Christmas present by my next door neighbours. Sadly the contents of the bottle are neither white or wine: I haven’t actually tasted it but it has the colour and smell of a sherry?

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