Reloaded Original

Today we’ve got one of those shitty vodka and energy drink cans: Reloaded Original.

Reloaded smells like farts and popcorn.

Reloaded smells like farts and popcorn.

Reloaded is a “Premixed alcoholic drink with vodka, caffeine, taurine & ginseng”, i.e. a cheap vodka and Red Bull. It comes in 3 flavours; original, orange and lemon but I only have original. Reloaded is 4% for £1.50 in a 500ml can making it quite expensive. At such a high price I would have thought it would have a higher alcohol content but it’s the same as a weak beer. For some reason the can has 2 different designs. Maybe shops rotate it different ways and trick people into buying a different drink but that seems like a pretty dumb idea.

I was expecting Reloaded to be some weird red or green colour but it’s the dehydrated piss colour of a standard energy drink, which makes sense since it’s just an energy drink with vodka. I was extremely taken back by the smell of this drink. I was expecting the sickeningly sweet smell of Red Bull but instead my first thought was “Ugh, farty popcorn” which really does describe the smell of this drink perfectly. I guess it’s kind of like the smell of a cinema toilet when you first open the door and create a mix of popcorn and heavily used bathroom. I don’t know how the makers of Reloaded managed to create this smell, as the only two ingredients should be vodka and energy drink, but they’ve somehow done it. Reloaded doesn’t taste awful. It doesn’t taste quite like a regular energy drink but it still has that weird artificial taste. You certainly can’t taste the vodka here either which isn’t surprising since only 1/25th of the drink is alcohol. While it isn’t a horrible drink, it isn’t something I would ever chose to drink again unless it was the only booze available. A slightly better testing, more alcoholic and less weird smelling drink could be made for much cheaper with a bottle of cheap vodka and some cheap energy drink, although I guess Reloaded isn’t really a drink for sipping on while thinking about the finer things in life.

Overall Reloaded is expensive, smells really weird and doesn’t taste enough booze. This is maybe a drink suitable for underage drinking but that’s about it. You could also drink it in a cinema toilet and nobody would ever suspect a thing.

Booze Review rating: 3/10 deliciouses

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