James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum

Today we have fun by drinking rum!

Another rum today, this time in the form of James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum. James Cook is a 40% dark rum available from Lidl for £10.99, making it quite cheap for a normal strength rum. I’ve drank a lot of this in the past and while I don’t remember much about it other than it being drinkable, I do remember it being pure grade esophagus stripper. On with the review then.

Perhaps one of Lidl's finest.

Perhaps one of Lidl’s finest.

James Cook presents itself as quite a naval rum with the label being laden with compasses, ships and anchors, as well as being named after Captain Cook himself. The words “JAMES COOK” are printed around the neck of the bottle which unfortunately look like “COCK” when hit by light, something which I hope to overlook while drinking it. While the label is in English, the cap is printed in German saying “Echter Übersee Rum” so I assume this is made in Germany and then shipped elsewhere. It is a “Genuine Overseas” rum after all. The back label features more of Lidl’s usual mindless drivel stating “Its composition of fine rum from overseas lends it a harmonious, mild flavour”. The word “composition” suggests it could be a blended rum but it doesn’t mention being blended anywhere so I’m assuming this is just weird wording. It then goes on to say “This genuine overseas dark rum tastes best in a grog or tea: add 1/3 James Cook to 2/3 hot water or tea with 2 sugar cubes”. No thanks, I think I’ll stick with coke rather than boiling water as a mixer. The label finally leaves us with the cliffhanger “PRODUCE OF MORE THAN ONE COUNTRY”. Since they’ve went to all the effort of constantly pointing out that this is a “Genuine Overseas” rum, I would have thought they would mention where it came from but maybe some things are best left unsaid.

James Cook has a fairly standard rum smell. It isn’t the most inviting rum but there isn’t anything overly unappealing other than the bleachy scent which is to be expected from any cheap spirit. Again, this isn’t overpowering so it isn’t much of a problem. James Cook is quite pleasant to drink too. It’s much sweeter than I expected from the smell, but it definitely tastes much better. The burn is much less than I remember but I assume this will come back once the bottle is finished, although I was drinking it with the cheapest coke I could find (19p for a 2 litre bottle) so I’m sure that didn’t help. James Cook is a rum which I would have no problems sipping on all night. I mixed James Cook and coke and it was quite disappointing. Mixing it kills of all taste of alcohol but still keeps a minimum rum flavour. You can tell you’re drinking rum but it’s quite a bland drink. I would much rather drank this rum straight than mix it with coke.

James Cook Genuine Overseas Dark Rum is a pretty great rum for the price. It’s cheap, tastes decent and gets the job done. James Cook could possibly make a pretty good drink as a DIY spiced rum, which is something I’m going to look at in the future.

Booze Review rating: 7/10

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