Glen’s White Rum

Prepare for another rum fuelled adventure with Glen’s White Rum.

Today’s booze of choice is Glen’s White Rum, a 37.5% spirit costing £11.59. Glen’s have been on Booze Review before with their well known bottom shelf vodka, but this is the first I’ve seen Glen’s White Rum. I also spotted a bottle of Glen’s Gin which will probably pop up in a future review. I can only assume that all these drinks are just slightly modified versions of the vodka; the rum being vodka with extra sugar and the gin being boiled in nettles before bottling. However, it would be unfair to judge a booze without drinking the whole bottle first and so I hope to present you with a 100% unbiased review of this lovely white rum.

Also works as an engine degreaser

Also works as an engine degreaser

Glen’s really doesn’t give away many details about their rum on the label. The hastily made, low budget label offers no insight as to what this rum may taste like or how it should be served.  The only information the label gives at all is “PRODUCE OF THE WEST INDIES” in italic capital letters. At the top of the label there are three badly drawn gold coins. The left and right coins appear to feature oil rigs or tee-pees, while the centre coin has some kind of Tom Cruise/Jesus/Edward Scissorhands looking character. The bottom of the label has a logo with appears to be the letters “JG”, and as there is no obvious meaning of this, I can only assume it means “Jolly Good!”. The back label contains 3 different recycling symbols and not much else.

Glen’s smells pretty rough. I assume this is what you would get if you were to mix a cheap vanilla ice-cream and a can of WD40. At first it seemed quite nice but then almost immediately the nasty chemical fumes overpowered everything. I was hoping to write more about the unique aroma of this rum but after 10 seconds my ears started hurting and I felt it was no longer safe to continue on with the smell test and so moved on to the tasting. Although Glen’s smells like paint stripper, it doesn’t taste anywhere near as bad. It has quite a dull sweet vanilla flavour but there is no obvious taste of any chemicals which would do you long term harm. After a few sips Glen’s starts to taste quite watery and the previous vanilla flavour is longer detectable. If you’re drinking for taste then this would be quite a bad thing but otherwise it allows for some high speed drinking with the only downside being the possibility of drinking it too fast. One word of advice though: don’t get any of this stuff on your lips because it really burns.

Serving as both an alcoholic beverage and an all-purpose solvent, Glen’s White Rum is something no workshop should be without. Glen’s is cheap and has a taste which is ignorable if your sole purpose for buying it is to get drunk. As a bottom shelf spirit, Glen’s is much more enjoyable than I expected.

Booze Review rating: 7/10 deliciouses

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2 Responses to Glen’s White Rum

  1. James says:

    Damm…..Im in need of a decent bottle of rum to get a little slanty eyed this wednesday and enjoy with a 10 box of cafe cremes as a treat for giving up drink for 2 weeks and giving up rolling tobacco for a week…….

    I suppose just dropping over £18 is the only way Im gonna enjoy a few drink filled nights….no point having the bottle for the 3rd night…..

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