Dragon Soop Herbal Fusion

Dragon Soop is an energy drink with vodka. After the last one I reviewed, I didn’t think I would buy any more of them, however this one is 8%, which is a surprisingly high alcohol level here, so I felt it was my duty to review it.

Dragon Soop comes in several different flavours. This review will only be for Herbal Fusion because drinking several of them in one day doesn’t seem like a good idea. 500ml cans of 8% booze are normally sold for £2.99, but I found a wonderful new booze store named “Wine World Convenience” which was selling them at £5 for 2 cans.

More like Dragon POOP LOL

More like Dragon POOP LOL

The can describes the drink as a “Fermented alcoholic beverage, fortified with vodka, containing high levels of caffeine” which really isn’t a good start. Having to explicitly state that your alcohol is fermented is a strange thing to state, and high levels of caffeine makes it sound like the drink is going to give you some kind of drug induced heart attack. The design of the can is surprisingly professional, and at the very least it makes it appear that it isn’t some kind of unhealthy, possibly dangerous drink. The main reason I was attracted to Dragon Soup was because of the relatively high alcohol content, and knowing booze laws here, it is possibly something that will get banned because a 6 year old drank a can of it thinking it was a box of crayons, causing them to trip over their shoelaces and fall through a door. Knowing this is the closest I’ll probably ever get to 4 Loko, I knew I had to drink on.

Upon opening the can, I was hit with the horrible stench that Reloaded suffered from. It was slightly less shitty, but not a fragrance I would want a scented candle to smell like. The best was to describe it would be burning rubber mixed with Southern Comfort and vomit. The taste is pretty similar to the smell, but also feels like you’re sucking on a 9 volt battery at the same time. It also suffers from some weird metallic taste. I can’t pinpoint it, but it seems to resemble an old, reheated, microwaved sausage roll. I’m feeling like the combination of booze and caffeine has hit me surprisingly hard, but I drank a glass of wine and half a bottle of whiskey before this, so it could just be the booze catching up with me.

Dragon Soop Herbal Fusion is definitely better than other energy/booze drinks, but still isn’t great. I must praise its alcohol content which isn’t common here, but the Herbal Fusion flavour isn’t a fun thing to drink. There’s still 2 more flavours to review so I’m hoping they’re better. At £2.50 a can, this is quite expensive, but it does have almost double the booze of usual drinks so that is definitely a good thing.

Booze Review rating: 5/10 deliciouses

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7 Responses to Dragon Soop Herbal Fusion

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  3. elle says:

    i personally think that dragon soop is a different kind of alcoholic bevarage considering it is 8% which is high for a drink which is in a can. it got me quite tipsy and overall i thought it was a good choice from my dad and i would recommend it.

  4. Sheenie says:

    Herbal Infusion is deffo the most disgusting one, give the lemon and lime/apple/blue raspberry a try 😀

  5. Nathan livingston says:

    Try red kola flavour it’s the best

  6. I'm too old for this shit says:

    I’m sampling the vanilla cherry one right now. It smells like cough sweets and child sick and the first few swigs were foul but like most trampjuice it gets more palatable the more drunk you get. I think I would have enjoyed this when I was a stupid 15 year old, but I’m also sure it would have caused me to get hyper, injure myself and pass out under a hedge. At school. So I guess I’m now one of those crusty old adults who thinks alcopops that are clearly targeting kids and are 8% and taste like fizzy pop shouldn’t be on the shelves.
    I might resort to it if I felt particularly self-loathing and wanted to get a lot of housework done badly but quickly, or to upset my mother at family gatherings but it’s not something I can recommend to anyone with tastebuds.
    Oh and as I type this I’m 2/3 down the can and I already have a headache.

  7. Steve says:

    Heard of it,tried it. One minute high next proper off my cake.

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