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Glen’s Special London Extra Dry Gin

Today we’re drinking a bottle of Glen’s gin. Glen’s are known for their cheap vodka so it’s only fair to assume that their gin will be awful. Glen’s costs £12.59 for a bottle of 37.5% gin. This is £2 more … Continue reading

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Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Blast

Once again our good friend and shite drinks expert Mr Jelf Boho joins us for another edition of Booze Review. Today he reviews a wine cooler, or as some of you may know it: poof juice. Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Blast … Continue reading

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Drinks That Aren’t Drinks: Snagari

Hello and welcome to another episode of Drinks That Aren’t Drinks, the place to find out about the latest and greatest drinks that probably shouldn’t have been made to begin with. Today we’ll be indulging in our own version of … Continue reading

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Vladivar Vodka

Vladivar Vodka is a drink which always seems to be on sale. I can’t think of a time when I’ve bought it and it hasn’t been reduced in price. I guess it’s like the DFS sales where you would feel … Continue reading

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Drinks That Aren’t Drinks: Mason Reese

On a recent trip to Lidl I noticed a strange carton. It was labeled “Banana Nectar” which I assumed was German for “Banana juice”. I didn’t know you could extract juice from a banana, but nonetheless I picked up a … Continue reading

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Vodka Rachmaninoff 37.5%

Today we review Rachmaninoff’s shittier little brother, the 37.5% vodka. The bottle is the same as the 40% version, but everything is red instead of blue. This bottle costs £9.99 rather than £10.99. I decided to do the math and … Continue reading

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Dragon Soop Lemon & Lime

Finally the Dragon Soop trilogy comes to an end with the refreshing flavour of Lemon & Lime. The can is the same as the other 2 flavours so we’ll be skipping straight to the tasting. If you want to find … Continue reading

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